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SAT I Course
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Our two guarantees: Math SAT I 100 points improvement and Math SAT I score above national average. We are dedicated to create and provide a high quality online SAT I test preparation course.

We use the Internet as a powerful tool to create an environment to accommodate your learning style. FAPII relies on Moodle platform to offer an interactive learning experience, cutting-edge technology to bring you the best online SAT test preparation course. Time controlled and interactive full tests and quizzes will help you familiarize with the real test environment and determine your weaknesses, many exercises with full methodology explanation to help resolve similar questions, teacher support, full explanation to every subject covered in the test and many other features.

Fapii counts with a selected team of professionals to help you acquire the skills needed to succeed.

Our best tools, excellent teachers and advanced technology used by leading schools around the world to bring the classroom to your home.

FAPII offers a variety of Online SAT prep course.

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